Payment and Guarantee Policy

Payment for a Green Channel Purchase

Green Channel offers its buyers multiple methods of payment for making a product purchase from its website. There are two primary modes of payments, including online payment or CoD (Cash On delivery). When you choose any online mode of payment, you can be rest assured that the trusted payment gateway partners of Green Channel use the most advanced and secure encryption policy to ensure that the transaction details stay confidential at all the times.

You can use the option to pay from Credit/Debit card, Internet Banking, Gift Card, CoD, or Wallet to make your purchase. The Debit & Credit cards accepted by Green Channel include Maestro, Visa, Master Card and American Express Cards in India and several other countries.

Hidden Charges Applicable on Payment

There are no hidden costs such as Octroi or sales tax when you purchase the items from Green Channel. The listed price is all inclusive and final, and you are not required to pay any extra charges, except the product charges shown on the website and any shipping charges, if applicable.

Any shipping charges which are applicable on the product are pre-specified on the product page and are repeated on the final payment page to ensure that the buyer is well aware f the price segregation which includes the product price and the shipping charges.

Cash On Delivery

The buyers who do not feel comfortable to pay via the online payment options can choose the option to pay through CoD. With the CoD option, you are required to make the cash payment for the product at the time of its delivery at your doorstep, without requiring to pay in advance via any online payment method.

The serviceability of a delivery destination depends on the following factors:
  • • Availability of reliable courier delivery partners in your area
  • • Whether the seller provides shipping to your location
  • • Any legal restrictions, if applicable, in shipping specific products to your location

Whether a seller wants to ship to a particular location or not, it completely depends on their discretion.

Green Channel offers the CoD (Cash On Delivery) to most of the destinations, but the availability of CoD entirely depends on the courier partner’s servicing ability to the different locations for accepting cash as product payment at the time of delivery. Our courier partners have applied limits to the collection of cash amount at the time of delivery, depending on the delivery destination and the order value. Sometimes, when the order value exceeds a particular limit, the CoD option is made unavailable. In order to check whether you can avail the facility of CoD in your location, you can enter your pin code on the product display page, and check the available payment options for that particular product.

Payments Using Credit/Debit Card

The Debit & Credit cards accepted by Green Channel include Maestro, Visa, Master Card and American Express Cards issued in India and several other countries. The buyers are required to provide specific information pertaining to their debit or credit card in order to get the payment processed through their bank.

Debit Card Payments

Green Channel accepts debit card payments made from Maestro, Master and Visa Debit cards issued in India. In order to pay using the debit card, you need to enter the 16 digit card number, its expiration date, and three digit CVV number. After that, you will be redirected towards the security pin page where you will be required to enter your secure code issued by your bank or completing the payment.

Credit Card Payment

Green Channel accepts debit card payments made from American Express, Master and Visa Debit cards issued in India. In order to pay using the debit card, you need to enter the 16 digit card number, its expiration date, and three digit CVV number. After that, you will be redirected towards the security pin page where you will be required to enter your 3D secure password issued by your bank or completing the payment.

There are some sellers who do not accept payments through credit/debit card issues internationally.

The usage of your credit/debit cards is completely safe for payments on Green Channel as we use the most advanced technologies and encryption to ensure the safety of your card information. We also make sure that your payment information is securely transmitted to your bank for the payment processing.

We use trusted and highly secure payment gateways that are managed by the leading banks in the country to facilitate secure online payments.

Preventing Online Frauds

We understand the significance of strong fraud detection and resolution capabilities. We, along with our online payment partners indulge in continuous monitoring for any suspicious activity and flag out the potential fraudulent transactions for the manual verification by the verifying team.

If any rare event occurs when our team is unable to rule out any possibility of the fraudulent activity categorically, the transaction, by our team is kept on hold and the customer is requested to provide his/her identity documents. The ID documents provided by the customer help us to ensure that the buyer is a genuine card holder. We also apologize from such buyers for any inconvenience that is caused to them and request the customers to bear with us as these activities re performed to ensure a secure and safe online shopping environment.

Quality Guarantee

At Green Channel, we are committed to serve our customers with the most genuine products and thus, assure the product quality guarantee to the buyers. As, most of our Sellers deal with leather goods, they provide the genuine leather products and we ensure that there are no products which are displayed as being made from 100% original leather and do not comply with the originality policy.

Many of our sellers are renowned brands and they ensure that the products which they sell, and are shipped to the buyers are original branded products and are not the first copies of the branded products.

If any Seller is found to deal with the under quality or duplicate goods which are not the original products from the brand, but are their first copies, then Green Channel holds the right to initiate civil or/and criminal proceedings against that Seller or the person responsible and may at its sole discretion, restrict, block, suspend or cancel the Display name [and any of the other related Display Names] of any such seller or/ and disqualify them from selling the products through the website. Also, any user, if found complaining about the duplicity of the products is entitled for the replacement of the products, and if the replacement is not possible due to unavailability of the stock or any other reason, the buyer shall be refunded the amount spent on the purchase.


Green Channel has been committed to remove the infringing products from its website. In order to facilitate it, Green Channel has implemented the Green Channel’s infringement verification process to ensure that the intellectual property owners can easily report the listings which infringe their rights. In the Green Channel’s interest to ensure that the infringing products are removed from its website as they affect the buyer and the seller trust.

Infringing Policy

Green Channel respects the third party “Intellectual Property Rights” and supports the active protection of the third party “Intellectual Property Rights” subsuming the Trademarks and Copyrights. We follow the policy of expeditiously responding to the clear the notices pertaining to alleged Trademark infringement. When we receive proper notification of Trademark infringement, our response to such notifications includes disabling access or removing the material claimed to be the infringing activity subject.

How to report an infringement listing?

If you believe that your Trademark right has been infringed by any of the seller at Green Channel, you can follow the below given process. We require that the authorized agent or the Intellectual Property Right owner provides us the following details and send it to us at the

  • 1. Description or identification of the Trademark or the Copyrighted work which has been infringed.
  • 2. Clear description or identification of where the material which you claim is infringing is located on our website with adequate details. Web site link or the product ID of the infringing product would help us to easily locate the product.
  • 3. Your personal details, including your email address, physical address and contact number.
  • 4. Your statement which specifies that you possess a clear belief that the use of material which you are complaining is not authorized by the Intellectual Property or Copyright owner by law or by its agent.
  • 5. A statement given by you mentioning that the information which you are providing is accurate and you are the Intellectual Property or Copyright owner or are authorized to act on the behalf of the Intellectual Property or Copyright owner.
  • 6. The brand name of the product in the event of the Trademark infringement.
  • 7. Details of the Intellectual property, which is being infringed. The trademark certificate and the copyrighted images are also required.

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