Shipping Policy Including Replacements

Shipping Policy Including Replacements

Green Channel ships to a large number of courier serviceable areas in India and follows the following shipping policy.

Delivery Charges

Our delivery charges are not fixed and they vary as per the terms of each seller. The low value items are generally incurred with relatively high shipping charges by the sellers as these charges help them to offset their logistics costs. Though, some sellers waive off the delivery charges, but the shopper has to shop for a specified minimum value in order to enjoy free delivery.

Estimated Delivery Time

Typically, the shopped items are procured and shipped by the sellers within the delivery time specified on their page. But, only the business days excluding Sundays and public holidays are considered as the working days. The estimated delivery time for a shopped item depends on the following factors:

  • • Availability of the product with the seller
  • • The seller, which is offering the product
  • • The location of the seller and the delivery destination

If there is a public holiday or Sunday between the days you placed the order and the date of delivery, then there might be a delay of one day of the estimated delivery date.

Hidden Costs

There are no hidden costs such as Octroi or sales tax when you purchase the items from Green Channel. The listed price is all inclusive and final, and you are not required to pay any extra charges, except the product charges shown on the website and any shipping charges, if applicable.

Coverage of Shipping Areas

Though Green Channel covers a large percentage of areas for delivery across India, but there are a few pin code areas which are not serviceable as our courier partners do not deliver to those areas. You can check whether your delivery destination is serviceable or not, and check the availability of its under serviceable delivery destinations.

The serviceability of a delivery destination depends on the following factors:
  • • Availability of reliable courier delivery partners in your area
  • • Whether the seller provides shipping to your location
  • • Any legal restrictions, if applicable, in shipping specific products to your location Whether a seller wants to ship to a particular location or not, it completely depends on their discretion.

Cash On Delivery

Green Channel offers the CoD (Cash On Delivery) to most of the destinations, but the availability of CoD entirely depends on the courier partner’s servicing ability to the different locations for accepting cash as product payment at the time of delivery. Our courier partners have applied limits to the collection of cash amount at the time of delivery, depending on the delivery destination and the order value. Sometimes, when the order value exceeds a particular limit, the CoD option is made unavailable. In order to check whether you can avail the facility of CoD in your location, you can enter your pin code on the product display page, and check the available payment options for that particular product.

Pickups for Returns

The product returns are very easy with Green Channel. You can contact us for initiating the return and you will get a call from our customer care department to explain the process after the return has been initiated. Wherever possible, the Green Channel’s logistics department will facilitate the item pickup, but in case the pickup cannot be arranged, you can return the items using a third party courier service. In this scenario, the return charges will be borne by the seller.

Product Terminology on Green Channel

The term “Available” implies that the seller might not possess the item in stock, but can procure it as soon as the order is placed. The delivery time will include the estimated procurement time along with the estimated shipping time to your location.

In Stock

Green Channel respects the third party “Intellectual Property Rights” and supports the active protection of the third party “Intellectual Property Rights” subsuming the Trademarks and Copyrights. We follow the policy of expeditiously responding to the clear the notices pertaining to alleged Trademark infringement. When we receive proper notification of Trademark infringement, our response to such notifications includes disabling access or removing the material claimed to be the infringing activity subject.

Forthcoming or Pre-Order

The items listed as “Forthcoming” or “Pre-Order” are pre booked for the customer and are expected to be released soon by the seller. The duration of the availability of a pre-order item varies from seller to seller, and item to item, but the release time is mentioned on the product page. The item is shipped to the customer after it is released officially by the seller.

Out of Stock

This implies that the item is not currently available for the sale, but you can use the “Notify Me” option to get informed once the item is available for purchase.

Temporarily Unavailable

This implies that the product is currently not available but will be made available soon by the seller. You can use the “Notify Me” option to get informed once the item is available for purchase.

Permanently Discontinued

This implies that the product is no longer available with the seller and will also not be available in the future as it has been discontinued from production or has become obsolete.


The replacement guarantee is offered by Green Channel to all its buyers and it seeks to offer the buyers who have received defected products or have been defrauded by the Green Channel’s qualified sellers on its website. If at the delivery time or/and within the specified period from the date of delivery of the concerned product, if any defect is detected, then the product buyer can rightfully ask for the replacement of the product from its seller.

Replacement under the policy of Green Channels includes the action of replacing the product in place of the other in the event where the buyer is not happy with the delivered product as it got damaged during shipping, is defective, an item is missing or a wrong item has been shipped.

The Replacement Guarantee

Green Channel offers ------ days replacement guarantee to the buyers which is subject to the following terms, conditions and legalities:

1. Replacement can be done for either a part of the product or the entire product subject to availability of the same with its seller.

2. The buyers are required to notify the seller about any defects in the products either at the time of delivery or/and within ---- days of the date of delivery, and the same products will be replaced by the seller when a defective product is returned.

3. The products which are not eligible for replacement or return include:

  • • Damages occurred due to misuse of the product
  • • Any incidental damage occurred due to malfunctioning of the product
  • • Any consumable item that has been installed or used
  • • The products with missing or tempered UPC/ Serial Number
  • • Any defect or damage which is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • • Any product which is returned without its original packaging including the box/ packaging by the manufacturer if any, and all the other items that were originally included with the delivered product
  • • Digital products or services

If Green Channel has any knowledge or suspicion, that any of its sellers or buyers are indulged in any activity which is intended to provide information or claims which are false, not genuine or misleading, then Green Channel may while reserving its right to initiate civil or/and criminal proceedings against the user or the person responsible may also at its sole discretion restrict, block, suspend or cancel the Display name [and any of the other related Display Names] of any such buyer or/and seller or/ and disqualify that particular User or any other related Users from availing the protection through the website’s or company’s replacement guarantee program.

Green Channel reserves its right to initiate criminal and/ or civil proceedings against any User who has been involved in filing an invalid or/ and false claims or is indulged in providing any false, misleading or incomplete information. Along with the legal proceedings as mentioned above, Green Channel may at its sole discretion, restrict, block, suspend or cancel the Display name [and any of the other related Display Names] of any such buyer or/and seller or/ and disqualify that particular User or any other related Users from availing the protection through the website’s or company’s replacement guarantee program.

Any person who with clear intention, or knowingly or with an intent to deceive, defraud or injure, files a fraudulent Complaint against the company or the website containing any misleading, incomplete or false information may be considered as the guilty of a civil and/ or a criminal offence and thus, shall be prosecuted to the optimum extent of the law.

Vital Points to be noted in Relation to the Replacement

a. The seller can anytime accept the return from the buyer irrespective of the applicable policy

b. If the Seller disagrees to accept a return request, the Buyer can file a dispute against the Seller under the “Buyer Protection Program”

The Buyer is required to initiate the request for replacement within the ---------- days from the date of delivery of the product. Once the buyer has raised the request for replacement by contacting our customer care, the following steps re required to be followed by the Buyer:

1. Mention the reason for the return of the product

2. An intimation shall be facilitated to the Seller seeking the “rejection” or “approval of the replacement request”

3. If the replacement request is accepted by the Seller the process of return must be initiated.

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