Terms of Use

This document is a formal electronic record which has been written in terms of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules thereunder & applicable and the amended provisions related to the electronic records in different statutes as amended under the Information Technology Act, 2000. It is computer generated document and does not require a signature.

The domain name http://greenchannels.in/ (here referred to as the “Website”) is owned by ----------------------- and has its registered office at _______________.

Any users’ use of the Website and its services and tools are governed by the terms and conditions referred as “Terms of Use” as applicable to the website subsuming the applicable policies which are incorporated herein by the way of reference. If you perform any Transaction on the Website, you shall be subject to the terms & policies which are applicable to the Website for such transactions. By simply using the Website, you shall be contracting with the Green Channel and these terms & conditions subsuming the policies constitute the binding obligations applicable for you, with Green Channel.

For these Terms of Use, wherever the context requires “User” or “You” shall refer to any legal or natural person who has agreed to indulge with the company as Buyer by providing the required Registration Data while registering with the Website as the Registered User Using any mobile or computer system. The term “Our”, “Us” and “We” ill refer to the Green Channel.

When You use any services offered by Us through Our Website, including but not limited to, You will have to follow the rules, policies, guidelines, terms and conditions which are applicable to such services, and they will be deemed to be included into the “Terms of Use” and will be considered as a part of this “Terms of Use”. We, at Our sole discretion, reserve the right to change, add, remove or modify any portions of these Terms of Use, anytime without any prior notice to You. Reviewing these Terms of Use periodically is Your responsibility. Any continued use of the Website by You after posting the changes will imply that You have accepted the revisions and have agreed to them. As long as you comply with the following Terms of Use, We authorize You to enter and use this Website on a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive and limited basis.


Membership Eligibility

The use of the Website is only available to those persons who are capable of forming the legally binding contracts as per Indian Contract Act, 1872, and thus, the un-dischaged insolvents, minors etc. are not eligible to use this Website. Being a minor, if you want to use or transact on Green Channel, the use or transaction on the Website must be made by your parents or legal Guardians. Green Channel reserves the right to terminate the membership or /and refuse to provide any user with access to the Website if it is discovered or brought to the notice of the Green Channel that you are a minor (below 18 in age).

Registration and Account Obligations

If You are using the website, You will be held responsible for maintaining your Display Name and password’s confidentiality, and you shall be held responsible for all the activities occurring under your display name and password. You also agree that if You provide any incomplete, not correct, untrue or inaccurate information or We possess reasonable grounds for suspecting that the information provided by You is incomplete, not correct, untrue or inaccurate, or is not in accordance to the referred Terms of Use, We have the right to block, terminate or suspend your access to the Website for an indefinite period.


When You use this Website, or communicate with us by sending Us emails or any other data, You understand and agree that you are communicating with Green Channel through electronic records and You agree to receive electronic communications from us periodically, or as & when required. We may communicate with You through electronic mediums or otherwise.

Platform for Communication and Transaction

The Website is a platform facilitated for the Users which they can use to interact and meet with the sellers in order to indulge in transactions with them. Green Channel is not and cannot be a controlling party in any manner to control such transactions between the Users of the Website.


1. All contractual/ commercial terms are proposed by and agreed to between the Sellers and Buyers alone, which include product price, payment methods, shipping costs, payment terms, period, date, mode of delivery, warranty on the products, services and the post sales services etc.

2. Green Channel does not make any Warranty or representation as to specifics including scalability, value, quality, etc. of the services or products offered to be purchased or sold through the Website.

3. Green Channel is not responsible for the breach or non-performance of any contract entered into between Sellers and Buyers. Green Channel does not and cannot guarantee that the concerned Sellers or/ and Buyers will perform any transaction which is concluded on the Website. Thus, Green Channel is not required to resolve or mediate any issue or dispute between Sellers and Buyers.

4. Green Channel does not make any Warranty or representation as to specifics including identity, creditworthiness, legal title, etc. of any of the Users of the Website.

5. Green Channel does not at any point of time and during any transaction between the Seller and the Buyer on the Website take possession or come into of any of the services or products offered by the Seller nor does it at any point of time have rights to claims or gain title to or claims over the services or products offered by the Seller to Buyer.

6. This Website is only a platform which can be leveraged by the Users to reach a larger base to sell and buy products or services. Green Channel only facilitates a platform for the communication and it has been agreed that the contract of sale of any of the services or products will be strictly a bipartite contract between the Buyer and the Seller.

7. You should independently agree upon the terms & conditions and manner of insurance, payment and delivery, etc. with the Seller with whom you are entering into the transaction.

8. You indemnify and release Green Channel or/ and any of its representatives or officers from any damage, cost, liability or other consequence pertaining to any actions of the Users of the Website and specifically waive off any claims which you may have in this behalf or relation under any applicable law. Nevertheless, its reasonable effort on this behalf, Green Channel cannot control the information provided by the Website Users or take the responsibility of the same made available on the Website. You may find the information provided by the other User’s offensive, deceptive, inaccurate, inconsistent or harmful. Kindly practice safe trading and use caution when using this Website.

Membership Charges

The membership is free for the Users on the Website and Green Channel does not charge any amount to offer the membership to the Users for browsing on the Website or buying from it. Green Channel reserves the right to, at any point of time, change its Fee Policy. Particularly, Green Channel may at its sole discretion, modify all or some of the existing services, or introduce any new services through its Website.

Use of Website
  • • You agree that while using the Website You shall not share, update, transmit, publish, modify, upload, display or host any information which belongs to any other person, which is grossly defamatory, harmful, pornographic, paedophilic, or is invasive of another’s privacy.
  • • You also agree not to share, update, transmit, publish, modify, upload, display or host any information which is misleading in any sense, contains password-only or restricted access pages, and provides the materials that exploits people in violent, sexual or otherwise inappropriate manner.
  • • You agree not to share, update, transmit, publish, modify, upload, display or host any information which provides any instrumental information about any illegal activities such as buying or making any illegal weapons, or creating or providing the computer viruses.
  • • You agree not to share, update, transmit, publish, modify, upload, display or host any information that harms the minors in any way, or violates any law applicable under the time being in force.
  • • You agree not to share, update, transmit, publish, modify, upload, display or host any information that contains any other computer code, computer viruses, trojan horses, malware, cancelbots or any other software routine which can potentially harm any computer or server.


Pricing of any product or services as displayed on the Website may due to some typographical error, technical issue or product information published by the seller may be incorrectly displayed and in such event the Seller possesses the right to cancel such orders.

Unless stated otherwise, all the product charges and fees will be quoted in INR. You will be solely responsible for the compliance of all the applicable legalities or laws including those in India in order to make payments to Green Channel.

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